OpenOffice 4.0.1 free dowload

Those of you who think that Microsoft Office can not be the only alternative when it comes to productivity suites, you are right. There is a free option and open-source that offers all the possibilities of popular pack while offering some exciting new features for everyone. His name is OpenOffice is a software which combines power with features to provide you a platform for comfortable working.

Write, calculate, design, draw and manage all

From the composition of simple letters and treatment of household budget to create presentations, OpenOffice has all the applications you’ll ever need for your tasks. In this way, you will have a word processor with many tools to customize every detail of your writings. In addition, such an application can work as an editor for the generation of basic web pages.

In addition, you will find a spreadsheet tool very similar to the popular Microsoft Excel. And like him, the utility included with OpenOffice can help you manage large amounts of data while helping you with arithmetic and statistical calculations while giving you the ability to draw all kinds of graphics complete.

But wait, there is more. Impress is the answer to this compilation PowerPoint and Keynote. So, this application will help you make animated presentations of your photos, videos and audios. A major advantage of this utility is its ability to save your project as a SWF file, which the Flash format allows you to take your creations to any PC you want.

OpenOffice is supplemented by a database manager with configuration and advanced settings, a platform design to generate vector graphics using lines and shapes, and a tool for creating and editing mathematical formulas that can then be integrated into any document.

As you can see, there’s life beyond what Microsoft has to offer. Then download OpenOffice for free and find out why millions of people around the world have forgotten all about Microsoft Office.